The Best Buys On Nfl Tshirts

Serious NFL fans need serious NFL gear.

As the NFL surges in popularity, so does NFL apparel. T-shirts for all 32 NFL teams can be found nationwide and online, perfect for the NFL fan living far from his favorite team. Officially licensed NFL apparel will typically sport a bigger price tag, but the quality may make the investment worth it. Does this Spark an idea?

Brick and Mortar

Sporting goods specialty stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority typically offer a large regional selection of NFL T-shirts alongside a limited selection of additional NFL team apparel. JC Penney and Sears both offer a variety of NFL team apparel in a wide range of styles at reasonable prices. Target, Walmart and Kmart stock regional NFL gear; Old Navy entered the NFL market with original designs but a limited selection of teams.


Online options for NFL T-shirts are as varied as each team’s playbook; a simple search turned up more then 14 million hits. The official NFL website, NFL Shop, supplies apparel for each of the 32 teams in licensed designs that you might see on the sidelines on Sunday. Football Fanatics is an easily searchable site that also offers T-shirts and other apparel for all 32 NFL teams. Fans Edge divides merchandise into categories such as Children’s and Men’s apparel for easy shopping.

If you’re looking for vintage or uniquely designed NFL T-shirts, Junk Food Clothing is a good place to start. Teenormous is a T-shirt warehouse which allows you to browse for shirts from a variety of websites and will direct you to the appropriate site for purchase.

In addition, each of the brick and mortar stores mentioned in Section 1 offer a wider selection of team apparel online than in their stores.


The best NFL T-shirts are sometimes found in unlikely places like your corner drugstore or local screen printing shop. Online warehouse sites such as LTD Commodities offer a limited variety of NFL T-shirts as well that may be worth looking into based on price alone.