The Best Motorcycle Grips

The Best Motorcycle Grips

Keeping your hands happy is one of the most important factors when riding a motorcycle, since so much of the bike’s control lies within the handlebars. Different rubber compounds, grip shape and texture all have a bearing on comfort and performance when selecting the right grip. Most grip designs vary, depending on their particular riding applications, so we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent options on the market.


No other grip possesses the soft and tacky rubber compound found in an Oury grip. With a traditional grid design, Oury does not offer a wide selection of designs, though it does provide grips for everything from street bikes to personal watercraft. Color options are plentiful, and the grips’ unique shock-absorbing rubber make them one of the best contenders in the market.


If you’ve ever ridden a stock dirt bike, chances are high that you’ve ridden with Renthal grips. Renthals are the most popular grip among motocross riders for their classic waffle grid design and three compounds — soft, medium and firm. Renthal has always dabbled in the latest technology, utilizing KEVLAR in some of its dual-compound grips. Color options are limited, and Renthals are mainly dirt bike-specific, but many riders use them no matter what two-wheeled machine they ride.


Perhaps the largest and most versatile grip lineup in the motorcycle industry, PROGRIP’s fleet is hard to beat. PROGRIP suits motocrossers, street riders, cruisers, trail riders, ATV and personal watercraft owners and even scooter putters. Color combinations, grip designs and textures abound in PROGRIP’s lineup. One of the most popular street grips is the 719.


Known for its strong contribution in the goggle department, Scott also produces grips. Mostly geared toward dirt bikes and ATVs, some of Scott’s grip models can make the crossover to the street. With bright colors and a few designs, Scott grips are worth checking out.


For bling bling, Avon has you covered. Although Avon grips are more on the pricey side, they are crafted with anodized aluminum and a special knurled rubber compound. Cruiser riders will be happy with the extensive lineup, and the company even makes grips for snowmobiles. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on quality and style, Avon might be your ticket.

Grab On

The rare breed of foam lovers will want to check out Grab On’s roster of foam motorcycle grips. Specializing in an all-foam design, Grab On suits the needs of the retro rider who aims for a different feel with the twist of the throttle. Colors are limited to black, but designs are eclectic. Foam connoisseurs should be all over a pair of Grab Ons.