The Best Swimsuits For Heavy Women

Choose the perfect swimwear for your body type.

Every year some women fret over what they look like in a bathing suit. Maybe you are planning your vacation to a beach or tropical place where you want to wear a swimsuit. The problem for heavier women is finding a suit that fits properly and flatters instead of accentuates. There are swimsuits for all body types. If you are not a size 2, some of these tips may help you find the perfect suit. Does this Spark an idea?

Busty Women

Look for a bathing suit that flatters your large bust. Old advice for busty women was to wear swimsuits completely covering their breasts in dark colors. This is not the case anymore. There are plenty of flattering tops that come in a multitude of colors and prints. Look for swimsuit tops with a V-neck. Choose a pattern, but make it a smaller pattern. Stay away from black unless it is a color that really looks good on you. The most important thing to look for in a swimsuit top if you are busty is plenty of support, but this does not necessarily mean underwires that cut into your body. Try on halter-tops, which can give you better uplifting coverage for your bust.

Try on your swimsuit top in the privacy of your own home. Walk around, bend over, pretend you are swimming to get a good feel for the top and make sure that it keeps everything in place.

Belly Fat

Choose a tankini that flows instead of fits tightly to your body, which shows off all the belly rolls. Look for colors that look good with your particular skin tone. Choose small, subtle patterns instead of large, Hawaiian-type florals. Choose a textured fabric instead of the usual smooth fabric, as texture helps to hide rolls and imperfections.


Look for a one-piece bathing suit if your body is pear-shaped. Find a suit that has the tummy control built in to help reduce your waistline. This draws people’s eyes to your waist instead of your hips.

Big Bum

Purchase a bathing suit with a skirt to help over up your rear end if that is your problem area. The skirts are flattering and hide a lot. If you do not like the idea of a skirted bottom, purchase a one-piece bathing suit that flatters you otherwise and buy a matching scarf-like wrap to tie around your waist.

You can also try a boy short if your bum is a little larger than you like. The boy shorts give a lot more coverage than the panty-like swimwear bottoms, which helps you to be more comfortable while swimming.

Joggers are also now available. These are shorts-like swimwear bottoms, with matching tops. These cover even more than the boy shorts. The fabric dries quickly, which makes them perfect for swimming at the pool or the beach.