The Best Wallpaper Size For Natural Landscapes

Landscape wallpaper adds elegance to any desktop.

Changing your computer’s desktop wallpaper is an excellent way to customize your computing experience and suit your artistic tastes. Natural landscape wallpaper is popular among many individuals as it brings an element of nature and serenity while giving the desktop an added measure of flair. Despite the elegant look landscape wallpaper gives, there are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect size wallpaper for your screen. For example, a photo that is too small for your screen resolution appears pixelated and blurred, while a properly sized photo appears high definition and crystal clear.


Before you even start looking for that perfect landscape photo, you must first know your screen size. This is located in your computer’s main menu under Control Panel>Display Options>Adjust Screen Resolution (terminology may vary based on what edition of Windows you are using). The Macintosh version is located under System Preferences>Displays>Display. Go to the box that shows what your current screen resolution is. The lowest option is usually 800×600 while the highest (depending on your computer) is around 1024×768. Don’t change the resolution if it is set to default; the default setting is typically the one that gives your screen the best look.

Small Screens

If your screen is set to a low resolution such as 800×600, select a wallpaper size that is 800×600. Although some wallpapers with larger resolutions (such as 1024×768) may look fine on a smaller screen, it’s more likely they will be distorted and show only a portion of the photo. Selecting a size smaller than 800×600 will give the screen a pixelated look.

Medium Screens

Medium size wallpapers (such as 1024×768) provide more options for high definition wallpaper due to the fact the screen size itself is drastically increased. Feel free to explore wallpapers at least the 1024×768-1280 x 960 size (or more) as long as it looks acceptable. Don’t forget you can also experiment with the wallpaper layout under your computer’s display options. Try options such as “Stretch to fit screen” or “Center” to improve the look.

Large Screens

Big screens are ideal for displaying high definition landscape photos. Large computer monitors such as the iMac or even television screens support higher resolutions such as 1280×960-1920 x 1200. The trick is finding wallpaper and photos in such a large size since most wallpaper sites cater to the average 1024×768 size. Use a search engine to find a large image. There are also several free large wallpaper sites.