The Best Way To Modify Stock Harley Mufflers

You can modify your Harley’s muffler.

When modifying your Harley muffler, you should consider looks, performance, price and ease of installation. Keep in mind that a successful muffler allows sufficient airflow and reflects pressure waves effectively. Generally, the larger you can make your muffler, the quieter your bike will be, as larger mufflers encourage airflow.

Muffler Modifications

In the past, it was common for Harley owners to modify their mufflers by simply punching holes in them. This isn’t done much anymore because it makes your bike far too noisy, perhaps putting you at risk for breaking city ordinances.

There are many different types of after-market mufflers for Harleys, but one of the best selling is called a slip fit muffler. Slip fits are popular because they allow you to retain your stock Harley exhaust pipes while improving your bike’s performance and sound. They’re also less expensive and easier to install than most other after-market mufflers because they slip right onto your stock pipes. Slip fit mufflers retain your bike‘s velocity and lower-end torque because you’re keeping your original pipes.

Slip fit mufflers are larger than most stock Harley mufflers, so they increase airflow and decrease noise.

Installling Slip Fits

If you choose a slip fit muffler modification, you should check the manufacturer’s manual for specific installation instructions.

Generally, you begin by removing your bike’s main fuse so that you won’t accidentally start the bike while installing the slip fit. Then, loosen the clamps on your stock muffler. Remove the master cylinder mounting bolts and lift up your bike’s brake pedal. You should see a locknut underneath, which you can loosen to remove the muffler.

Most models of slip fit mufflers will just slip on your bike in place of your old muffler, and then you can tighten the new muffler with provided locknuts. You’ve installed the slip fit muffler, so you just need to re-install the main fuse and begin riding again.