The Best Ways To Clean Motorcycle Mag Wheels

Mag wheels require more work to keep them clean.

Aluminum mag wheels really set a motorcycle off. The shine you can get from aluminum rivals that of highly polished chrome-plated wheels without the additional cost of the chrome plating. Aluminum mag wheels do require a bit more maintenance to keep the shine lasting. If mag wheels are left unattended too long, they become cloudy and can even corrode.

Preparation is Key

Just wiping a mag wheel off with a clean towel will not keep it looking its best. You must prepare your wheels for cleaning by removing grease build-up. Motorcycles pick up oil from the road as you drive. Breaking the grease down with a good degreaser helps to ensure a clean surface for later stages of cleaning.

Have the Right Tools

Mag wheels usually have a lot of tight corners and tight places. According to Auto, a soft tooth brush really helps you get into those tight corners that a towel cannot get into. The more dirt you remove from your mag wheel during the preparation phase, the better your wheel will look when finished. Also, using a tire brush and a clean cotton rag helps you clean larger surface areas. Make sure your tools are clean and that they have soft bristles–aluminum is easily scratched. Hard bristle brushes could leave marks on your aluminum mag wheels.

Many people use rotary buffers that attach to a hand drill. Buffing is an important part of cleaning mag wheels. However, a standard automotive buffer is too large for a mag wheel. The use of a ball buffer attached to a hand drill makes easy work out of puffing those tighter locations.

Use the Right Cleaning Agents

Use automotive detailer soap or mild dish soap when cleaning the dirt from your mag wheels. Highly abrasive soaps can leave scratches on your wheel. Also, make sure you use buffing compound designed only for aluminum. Any other compound could damage your rims. Most auto part supply stores carry a full line of soaps and buffing compounds for wheels.