The Cheapest Motorcycle Tools

Even cheap motorcycle tools can keep bikes secure.

The cheapest motorcycle tools can be found in standard automotive stores, specialty shops and hardware stores. Motorcycle maintenance can require anything from changing a tire to installing new spark plugs. Basic tools can be used to unlatch or secure motorcycle components. These tools can be essential to almost any motorcycle repair, and,those that can also be used for numerous home or automotive fixes can often be very inexpensive.

Motocycle Stands

Motorcycle stands are basic tools for motorcycle maintenance. Typically made from high-density aluminum, a motorcycle stand is an effective way to keep a bike stabilized while being serviced. Many stands include front or back wheel locks and are fashioned with dual wheels for easy moving and adjusting. While stands can cost hundreds of dollars, the cheapest reliable stand will cost approximately $40 to $50.

Tire Gauges

A tire gauge is another cheap and handy tool for motorcycle maintenance. Gauges let users know if the air pressure in the tire is high or low. Most tire gauges attach easily to any wheel nozzle and require only slight pressure to give an immediate and accurate reading. Tire gauges can also be digital. According to Spot Motorcycles, a common tire gauge will cost no more than about $4.

Hand Tools

Proper motorcycle maintenance is often accompanied by the use of cheap and simple hand tools. Socket sets, pliers and wrenches are critical tools for engine work. Socket sets rapidly loosen and tighten nuts, ensuring motorcycle hardware is properly adjusted and secured. Pliers and wrenches are helpful for gripping weathered bolts and are most useful when reaching hardware or connectors at odd angles. According to the website Overstock, a 25-piece travel tool set can be purchased for less than $14.