The History Of The Street Bob

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob is one of the motorcycle models offered in Harley’s Dyna line. Like most Harley-Davidson models, it has a rich history that both motorcycle enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike will find interesting.

Early Bobber Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used by the military during World War II and equipped with accessories such as ammunition boxes, radios and rifle mounts. When the war ended, some of these motorcycles were brought back to the United States, where civilians purchased them and stripped them down or “bobbed” them for everyday use. A motorcycle that was pared down to the bare essentials became known as a “bobber.”

The First Harley-Davidson Street Bobs

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob debuted in 2006 as part of the Dyna line. It was produced as a throwback to the original post-war bobber bikes. In keeping with the “less is more” bobber philosophy, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob featured stripped-down styling void of most decoration and any unneccessary instrumentation in order to accomplish not only a clean look, but a lighter overall weight for faster performance.

Harley-Davidson Street Bobs Today

Today, the most recent Harley-Davidson Street Bob models still employ the bare-bones aesthetic of the original post-war bobbers. However, because these are modern bikes, comfort is not sacrificed. Modern engineering is paired with stripped-down, retro styling for the best of both worlds. Comfort and performance are combined with traditional bobber styling such as a low-slung seat, “mini-ape” handlebars and a shortened back fender.