The Meanings Of Motorcycle Patches

The Meanings of Motorcycle Patches

Motorcycle or biker patches are worn to identify a motorcycle rider as a member of a particular club, according to the BikerPatches website. The patches typically show the logo, name and other insignias of the club. Does this Spark an idea?

Outlaw Bikers

Outlaw bikers are more likely to display patches, although other motorcycle clubs also have them. A three-piece patch is most likely an outlaw patch. The club logo is the centerpiece, with the club name over it and the town or state underneath, according to “The Board Magazine.”

Other Patches

A one-piece patch usually indicates a motorcycle manufacturer or association, while riding clubs have two-piece patches. A club may also issue annual or event patches or memorial patches to honor a deceased member. A rider may also wear travel patches from various destinations. Some clubs have rules for how and when patches should be worn.


The patches are usually made of heavy denim or cotton and worn on the back of bike vests. The symbol “1 percent” indicates the wearer is an outlaw biker. A patch with “99 percent” on it is worn by law enforcement or a law-abiding rider. Outlaw patches may also have wings or a skull and crossbones that may indicate a killing or fight.