There Is No Sound On The Hd Channels On Time Warner Cable

Start with your cable box if you experience audio issues with your HD service.

Time Warner Cable is a national provider of standard and high-definition (HD) cable television service. Customers who already own a digital-ready HDTV don’t need to purchase a separate cable box to receive Time Warner’s free HD programming; however, if you want to see the HD on cable channels, you will need an HD set-top box from the company. If you experience trouble with your HD audio, start by examining the cable box.

Examine Your Cable Box

If you are having problems hearing the audio on HD channels, troubleshoot your set-top box first. This box is provided by Time Warner to its customers. The company can broadcast service and technical updates directly to the set-top box.

Customers having trouble with the audio on their cable service should reset the set-top box before calling the company. To reset the box, press the “Volume +,” “Volume -” and “Info” buttons simultaneously on your cable box remote. Release the buttons when the time no longer appears on your cable box display. Do not touch anything as the box reboots; you will know this is happening when a blue screen displays on your television. When the time reappears in the LCD display, press the “On/Off” button on your remote once to complete the rebooting cycle.

Cable Box Connections

Check the connections going into and out of your cable box. Make sure the coaxial cable that runs between the box and the wall outlet is connected securely. Locate the HDMI port and ensure the cable is snugly attached to the cable box on one end and your television on the other. If you use a surround sound system, identify the “Digital Audio” (sometimes called “Dolby Digital”) output port on the back of your cable box and make sure the cable coming out of it is connected to the box and your surround sound equipment.

While you’re examining these cable connections, inspect the cables, too. If any of the cables are frayed, cut or otherwise damaged, it may compromise your television‘s ability to receive clear audio.

Check Other Channels

If the problem with your HD audio is on your end, you will typically note an audio issue with all your channels, not just those broadcast in HD. Use the remote control to browse through your channel lineup and observe which channels have audio and which do not. If you have other televisions in your home, check them for audio issues as well. This is especially important if you have other TVs receiving HD programming from Time Warner. If multiple TVs are having the same problem, it is less likely to be a technical issue on your end than a problem on the company’s side.

Contact Time Warner Cable

After you’ve exhausted these troubleshooting options without a resolution, contact Time Warner’s customer service number. Even though the company operates nationwide, it maintains regional offices, so you’ll need to contact the office serving your area for assistance. Your regional number can be found on your Time Warner billing statements or by entering your zip code on the “Contact Us” page on the Time Warner Cable website.