Throw A Good Garage Party

Garage parties are meant to introduce interested women to the motorcycle world

Garage parties, thrown by Harley Davidson for several years, are designed to help introduce and familiarize women with motorcycle riding. The event teaches women about the bikes themselves, as well as the gear and how a bike can be customized. The parties are also structured as an introduction into the riding community. March is recognized as National Garage Party Month, although garage parties can be held throughout the year. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose an experienced and well-informed motorcycle enthusiast to lead and organize the event. Extensive knowledge of riding, teaching others to ride and of the bikes themselves will ensure the party runs smoothly and is successful in educating the guests about motorcycles.

2. Decide on a location. Choose somewhere with a lot of space to set up bikes, various equipment and gear. A warehouse, large garage or a parking lot would be ideal. For a public location like a parking lot, you may need to obtain a permit from your local government as well as permission from the property owner of the lot.

3. Advertise the event to local bike enthusiasts, bike shops, bike gear vendors as well as the general public. Retailers of bikes and gear will want the exposure, so they may be willing to run booths or special areas to provide information about their products and services. Promote the event with press releases, fliers and newsletters distributed around town and to local newspapers.

4. Arrange and decorate the garage party area. Ask local bike enthusiasts to set up their bikes for guests to admire. Place each vendor in a designated area. Decorate the room using hot pink and black streamers and balloons, to add a touch of femininity to appeal to the women attending. Serve finger-food refreshments such as cookies and sandwiches.

5. Print and distribute informational fliers at the party. These should be pocket-sized so women can slip them into their purse or pockets to peruse later. Providing material for women to take home with them will help reinforce the information they get from the event, as well as help introduce them to bike culture and encourage them to participate.