Tie Down Harley Motorcycles

Tie Down Harley Motorcycles

Although Harley-Davidson motorcycles are well-known on long stretches of highway, they occasionally hitch a ride to various locations. Properly securing a Harley-Davidson for transportation is an important step in protecting the bike from accidental tip-overs. Luckily, the process only takes a few minutes. Getting the bike onto a trailer or the back of a truck can be made easier with the use of proper ramps and the help of a friend.


1. Select a well-made, motorcycle-specific ramp and center it on the middle of the trailer or truck bed. Load the motorcycle and stop when the front tire touches the edge of the bed . If you are using a narrow ramp, enlist the aid of a friend to help you push the vehicle up the ramp. Lower the motorcycle onto its kickstand.

2. Select two points on the forward portion of the bed for use as anchor points. These points must be durable enough to support the weight of the motorcycle. Attach the ratchet-side ends of the tie-downs to the selected anchor points. Run the loose end of the tie-down straps the motorcycle’s handlebars, sliding the tie-down hook over the portion of the bar closest to the front fork. Add a small amount of tension to the strap with the tie-down’s ratchet. Repeat on the other side of the motorcycle.

3. Lift the motorcycle upright and pull the left side tie-down strap until it is tight and repeat on the right side. Both straps should be tightened evenly. Shake the motorcycle slightly to test the tension on the straps. The motorcycle should be secured firmly by the straps and should not move or wiggle. If the motorcycle moves at all or begins to lean to one side, tighten the straps again.

4. Remove the key from the ignition switch and raise the tailgate. Secure the loose tie-down straps by tying the excess lightly around itself.