Tighten The Front Axle On A Harley

Motorcycle Front Wheel

Proper installation of the front wheel can help ensure a safe ride for the motorcyclist. The front axle should be tightened to the proper torque every 10,000 miles or whenever the front wheel is removed. The torque procedure is relatively simple and should require the average rider no more that 10-15 minutes to perform.


1. Loosen the front axle nut with an SAE ratchet wrench if it not already loose. Loosen but do not remove the right-sided slider cap nuts with a SAE ratchet wrench, as well.

2. Insert a long screwdriver through the hole on the right side of the axle. This screwdriver will act as a handle to keep the front axle from rotating during tightening. Tighten the axle nut to a torque value of 50-55 foot pounds with a torque wrench while holding the axle stationary with the screwdriver.

3. Remove the screwdriver from the axle and insert a 7/16-inch drill bit into the hole. Pull the right-front fork toward the outside of the motorcycle until it just comes into contact with the drill bit. Tighten the slider caps to a torque value of 5-11 ft-lbs. Remove the drill bit from the axle hole.