Tips On Lexan Race Car Windshields

Several race cars use Lexan windshields for optimal performance .

Lexan windshields have been known as a staple for the last 15 years, not only for racing automotive enthusiasts, but for people that want to experience a high quality, low maintenance windshield. The polycarbonated windshields will drop the weight of your racing vehicle by half the weight of normal glass, to gain major advantage on the track. Shatterproof, scratch-resistant and chemical resistant, Lexan windshields give you the best in optical clarity and safety.

Clean Your Lexan Windshield

Lexan polycarbonated windshields need special care and treatment for optimal performance on the racetrack. You can use any clear spray window cleaner or soap and water to wipe away dirt and debris. Avoid alcohol-based or high-petroleum cleaners, as these can cause major damage.

If you have added protection to your Lexan windshield by adding a protective film or plastic layer, it will guard against bugs and pits. It can be instantly removed for a very easy way to keep the windshield clean. An anti-fog treatment will help it during all different types of weather conditions.

Install a Lexan Windshield

Any professional windshield and auto glass installer, such as Pro Glass, can install your Lexan windshield for you. If you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person, some helpful hints and instructions are included with the purchase of your Lexan windshield. As you remove your old windshield from the vehicle, back tape and paint the inner windshield frame. Take your time tracing your frame onto the Lexan sheet, and make sure to carefully install the frame. A thin bead of silicone around the frame will set the window.

Lexan Features

The Lexan racing windshield is half the weight of regular glass, 250 times more impact resistant and can stop a bullet, making it a popular choice for armored vehicles. It sheds water naturally, so the use for windshield wipers is minimal. Overall, Lexan makes the vehicle lighter and safer.