Tire & Rim Installation Equipment

A couple of tools can help secure your wheels on your car.

A car’s rim, or wheel, is a metal component around which you secure your tire, then attach to your car. These two tasks require a couple pieces of equipment to accomplish safely.

Lug Wrentch

A lug wrench is a device for removing the wheel lugs which secure the wheel to your axle. These can take the form of sophisticated multisocket tools or a simple iron bar with a socket at the end.

Car Jack

To remove your wheel, the part of your car which the wheel is supporting must be lifted so the wheel is not touching the ground. Car jacks are devices which lift your car in this fashion. These can take the form of sturdy screw based devices, or more powerful, hydraulic lifts.

Air Compressor

Once a tire is around a wheel, it needs to be properly inflated for the tire to remain secure on the wheel. Air compressors quickly channel air through the tire’s air valve to inflate it.