Tools For A Harleydavidson Mechanic

Harley-Davidson produced its first motorcycle in 1903.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been in production since the early 1900s. Throughout the decades, Harley-Davidson has become a well-known brand — especially among motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition to the company itself, many stores across the country are dedicated to selling specialized Harley-Davidson memorabilia, gear, accessories and tools. While quite a few tools are on the market, several tool kits offer mechanics a combination of tools from which to choose from.

All-in-One Folding Tool

The All-in-One Folding Tool, produced by Harley-Davidson, features tools that help mechanics do basic service repairs and adjustments while away from the shop, such as on a road trip. The tools fold away into a kit that has a carrying handle for portability. Included in the kit are star bits, hex bits, screwdriver bits and a specialized screwdriver and wrenches. The package also comes equipped with the Harley-Davidson logo. The All-in-One Folding Tool works on most Harley-Davidson models produced in 2002 or later. It costs $39.95 as of December 2010.

Harley Davidson Daytona Sensors Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Harley Davidson Daytona Sensors Diagnostic Scan Tool helps you detect mechanical issues quickly in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The sensor-based tool kit helps mechanics diagnose engine problems that may affect the engine-control, instrument, turn-signal and security modules, and then helps troubleshoot and clear the problem. You must plug the tool into a computer with a processor of at least 300 megahertz, Microsoft Windows 98 or higher and a CD-ROM drive. The tool costs $199 as of December 2010.

Screamin’ Eagle Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit

Mechanics can often drop or lose small accessories such as nuts and bolts. The Screamin’ Eagle Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit can make a mechanic’s job easier by providing pick-up tools that glow in dimly lit areas. The tool kit includes a lighted claw tool that features a 22-inch reach arm and gripping claws to pick up small parts that weigh up to 5 lbs. Also included in the kit is a magnetic flashlight that features a 20-inch telescopic arm that can grasp items weighing up to 3 lbs. Each tool includes extra lighting to help find items. The Screamin’ Eagle Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit, produced by Harley-Davidson, costs $39.95 as of December 2010.