Tools For Harleydavidson Twin Cams

Keeping your Harley running requires regular maintenance.

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a big investment; performing regular maintenance on the bike is one of the best ways to guarantee that it runs smoothly for years to come. Whether it’s changing the oil, checking the tires, or monitoring engine performance, every motorcycle owner should possess a basic set of maintenance tools to aid him in keeping his bike in shape. These tools don’t have to be purchased all at once and can be acquired over the life of the bike.

Torque Wrench

When replacing, adding, or checking important parts on you Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you will almost certainly need a torque wrench. Grab a 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drive and they should work for most of your tasks.

Circlip Pliers

Circlip pliers are necessary for some specific maintenance tasks such as pulling apart gear clusters or taking apart your front forks. Circlip pliers are not likely to be an everyday necessity. If a task comes up and it appears you need them, buy them as you go.

Soldering Gun

If you need to make repairs to the wiring on your bike or are planning on making your own control cables, you will need a soldering gun to secure the hot ends of the wires to their points of contact.


An air-compressor is handy for keeping your tires inflated, but also makes a wide variety of air-driven tools available to you. Purchase this with a small kit of air tools for maximum efficiency.

Easy Outs

An Easy Out is a system for removing broken bolts. First you drill a hole in the broken bolt, then insert the Easy Out into the hole and unscrew the bolt. If you plan on working on older Harleys, this is likely a must-have.

Wrenches and Sockets

Most of a motorcycle is held together with bolts, and you’ll need wrenches to tighten, loosen, or remove them. The best plan here is to pick up a starter set with a wide variety of sizes. A starter socket wrench set will also be valuable in basic maintenance.