Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Teens

Bring a smile to a teen at Christmas.

Shopping for teens for Christmas requires creativity. Gone are the days when you could buy them dolls or action figures and they’d sit contentedly for hours. Taking the direct approach doesn’t always work. Ask a teen for a Christmas list and you can get some surprising results. But there are great gifts for teens that will make them happy Christmas Day.

TV Show Gear

Every teen has a favorite TV show. Many TV shows have websites and on those websites are stores. At the CWTV network store you can find copies of jewelry and clothes worn by characters in “Gossip Girl” or “Vampire Diaries.” Other networks feature T shirts and mugs with TV show logos.


These popular music players come in different sizes and colors. The smallest and least expensive is the iPod Shuffle. Colors include pink, blue, green and stainless steel.The iPod Nano comes with a video recorder. The iPod Classic and iTouch are more expensive varieties. All of them can be engraved, for free.

Event Tickets

Buy tickets to a football game, play, concert or reading. Ticketmaster recommends popular shows if you’re not sure what your teen would like. Get a few tickets and maybe the teen will invite you along.

Cell Phone

Teens love cell phones and the holidays are a good time to get them because of all the deals. Keep in mind you’ll have to figure out when to activate the phone and what to do about those monthly fees. Your best bet may be to get a gift certificate, which some companies, such as Verizon Wireless, offer on their websites.

Ugg Boots

These sheepskin boots are popular with teens. Ugg boots come in styles for boys as well as girls. They also come in different colors, from the classic brown to lavender. If the original is too pricey, many stores sell boots that look similar.


A share of stock can be a great Christmas gift for a teen. At the One Share website you can scroll down a selection of companies. Pick a share in a company that might be appealing to teens, such as Disney or Harley-Davidson. One Share will then frame the stock certificate. You can personalize the gift with a Christmas greeting. A cheaper alternative is to go to an online trader and order the stocks directly.


A new puppy or kitten is likely to make a teen very happy on Christmas morning. But tread carefully. Only give this gift if you can help look after it. Less labor-intensive pets might include lizards or fish.


This popular Nintendo gaming system runs a host of family-oriented games. Playing them can make for a fun Christmas morning. Games include “Wii Fit,” “Project Runway: The Video Game” and “Major League Baseball 2K10.”

Gag Gifts

Sometimes humor is the best gift for teens for Christmas. Think Geek offers things like a T-shirt with a working Wi-Fi detector sewn into it and “Tactical Canned Bacon,” to be eaten in the event of a zombie attack. There are also math mugs and instant snow.

Charitable Donation

Make a donation to charity in your teen’s name. Choose a cause that’s important to the teen. The Just Give website has a database of 1.5 million charities. You can give to a specific charity or buy your teen a “gift basket,” in which your donation goes to a themed group of charities, such as those that help children or provide shelter for animals. One caution: Make arrangements a few weeks in advance because it takes a while to get the card printed up.