Touch Up Motorcycle Paint

Most motorcycles are painted with high-quality paint right in the factory, unlike many cars and trucks. The paint has a deep, glossy look. Many owners have their motorcycles custom-painted to reflect their style and taste. They take great pains to keep the paint clean and scratch-free, but over time, scratches and gouges will appear on most motorcycles. The best repair strategy is to use touch-up paint, since it covers scratches and stops rust from appearing.


1. Sand the scratch lightly with 300-grit sandpaper. Sand around the edges so that the scratch is no longer felt when you run your fingers over it. If the scratch is very small, use a sanding stick, which gets into the small space easily.

2. Wipe the sanded and surrounding area with wax and grease remover using a microfiber towel to remove dust particles or fingerprints.

3. Use a high-quality hobby paint brush to apply the paint. These brushes are normally very well made and apply the paint better than the plastic brush that comes with the touch-up paint.

4. Apply several thin coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry for 10 minutes between coats. Wait two hours after applying the final coat to apply three or four coats of clear-coat paint. Allow all of the paint to dry for at least a full day.

5. Use an orbital polisher and a small amount, about 4 to 5 oz., of liquid car polish on the motorcycle. Go over the entire part or the whole motorcycle to bring out a deep shine in the paint. This also shines the area around the scratch that had been sanded and became dull.