Touring Seat Options For An Hd Road Glide

Many touring seats are availble for the Harley Road Glide.

The Harley-Davidson Road Glide is made for touring. Unlike other Harleys, the Road Glide has a frame-mounted fairing and not the “bat wing” handlebar. Motorcycle Cruiser magazine found only one complaint with the Road Glide, the seat, “which seems softer than the Road King’s and bottoms out too quickly on all-day rides.” Scott Dalgleish of American Rider magazine agrees, saying that he “found the seating a little narrow.” Luckily, replacement seats are available for the Road Glide.

Harley-Davidson Touring Seats

Harley-Davidson offers over 20 replacement seats for the Road Glide. At the top of the comfort scale is the Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seat. This seat includes a built-in compressor and three individually adjustable air bladders. It costs $699.95 as of November 2010. The Super Reduced Reach Seat for Touring Models increases comfort for shorter riders by moving them 2.5 inches forward and 2 inches lower than the standard seat. It retails for $299.95. The Harley Hammock Rider Touring Seat has a unique sling-like suspension system inside the seat that acts like a hammock to prevent bottoming out. It costs $499.95 and is also available with a passenger seat.

Corbin Motorcycle Seats

Corbin makes several seats that fit the Road Glide. The Dual Touring Saddle contains Corbin’s custom cast closed cell foam that is nearly twice as firm as the stock foam. The Corbin seat also includes leather seating inserts. It’s available with a number of backrests and optional heating elements. The standard Dual Touring Saddle sells for $579 as of November 2010.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Mustang offers a number of seats for the HD Road Glide. Its Super Touring One-Piece Regal seat gives the rider a 19-inch-wide seating surface and the passenger a 14-inch-wide surface. It also moves the rider 1.75 inches farther back than the stock Road Glide seat. It retails for $509 as of November 2010 and has a number of accessories, including backrests, available.

Russell “Day-Long” Touring Saddles

Russell Cycle Products offers seat-customizing services that are available for the Road Glide. There are a number of options, from foam insert types to materials used to cover the seat. Russell asks that you to send photos of yourself on your Road Glide along with information on your height, weight, inseam and riding style. You have to remove the stock seat from your Road Glide and send it to Russell.