Tow A Harley Electra Glide

The best way to tow a large motorcycle like a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide is on a trailer. Because the Electra Glide is 98.6-inches long, if you do decide to tow it in the back of a truck bed, you need a bed at least 9 feet in length. Trailers have built-in tie down points for securing ratchet straps. This makes securing the motorcycle a much easier task.


1. Place a wheel chuck designed for motorcycles in the front of the trailer and centered over the trailer’s tongue. Place the wheel chuck about 6 inches away from the front edge of the trailer.

2. Ride or push the Electra Glide up onto the trailer and position the front wheel in the wheel chuck. Place the kickstand down. At this point you can get off the motorcycle or have a second complete the tie-down while you stay on the motorcycle.

3. Secure a safety strap to each side of the handlebars where the bars secure to the motorcycle forks and secure a safety strap to each side of the rear frame where swing arm attaches. Not all ratchet straps come with safety straps. If your straps do not have safety straps, loop the nylon strap over each of these locations.

4. Secure one hook on your ratchet strap on the front left safety strap and then secure the other end of the strap to the tie-down hook in the front left corner of the trailer. If you so not have safety straps, loop the strap around the handlebar and connect the hook into the same tie-down hook. Repeat this on all four corners of the motorcycle.

5. Tighten the ratchet straps by pulling on the ratcheting mechanism. Alternate between the front left and front right ratchet straps to keep the motorcycle in a vertical position. The front of the motorcycle will lower.

6. Repeat the tightening process with the right and left rear straps. Again, alternate to keep the motorcycle in a vertical position. The rear of the motorcycle will lower.

7. Double check the front straps for tightness and make any adjustments.

8. Stop and double check all four straps every 30 to 50 miles.