Transfer A Video From A Panasonic Hd Camcorder

Your camcorder lets you enjoy HD home videos in your own entertainment center.

Your Panasonic camcorder lets you capture all kinds of events as high-quality videos that you can later enjoy on your computer or TV. A couple of ways you can get the videos to these devices is by copying them directly to a computer or directly onto a DVD using an external DVD burner drive. The only current models that don’t support directly burning to DVDs are the HDC-SD40P, the HDC-TM40P and the HDC-TM41P, but you can still transfer videos from those to your computer.


PC Transfer

1. Turn on your camcorder and PC.

2. Connect your camcorder to a free USB port on your computer using the camcorder’s provided cord.

3. Touch the “PC” option on the camcorder’s screen.

4. Click the “Start” button on your PC and then click “Computer” in the resulting menu. In the new window that appears you can double-click on your camera, which will be displayed as a drive. You may need to wait for a moment or two for the drive to appear. If you have an SD card in your camera in addition to internal memory, two drives will appear, one with the term “SD” in the drive name and the other with the term “MEM” in the drive name.

5. Double-click the drive you want to open to view its contents. If you opened the “SD” drive, you need to double-click “Private” next.

6. Double-click “AVCHD” to display the folders with your video data.

7. Double-click “BDMV” to view your videos. You can drag and drop them to your computer to transfer them. The other folder in “AVCHD” is “AVCHDTN,” which only contains the video thumbnails, which you do not need to transfer.

8. Click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on your computer when you’re done transferring videos. This icon is in the System Tray, which is in the lower right corner of the screen, and it looks like a USB cord. If you don’t see it, click the arrow icon in the System Tray to reveal hidden items.

9. Click your camcorder in the list of connected devices, and in a moment Windows will inform you that you may safely remove it.

10. Remove the USB cord from your computer and camcorder.

DVD Burning

11. Plug in your DVD burner and your Panasonic camcorder to a wall outlet.

12. Turn on the camcorder and the burner, if necessary.

13. Change the camcorder’s mode to “Playback” by sliding the switch on the back of the camera to the option with the play arrow icon.

14. Connect the burner to your camcorder using the burner’s provided USB cord. Some camcorders, like the HDC-SD10PP and HDC-AM15P models, use a mini USB port instead of a standard USB port. Regardless, the cord you need is available with many DVD burners or as a stand-alone purchase; it is not provided with your camcorder.

15. Select the storage location, media type and video quality, if necessary. Only certain Panasonic camcorders will prompt you for this information, so if you don’t see any prompts, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll select either the SD card or built-in memory for storage, the media type (“Video”) and the video quality you want to burn (“High definition” or “Standard”).

16. Open the burner tray and insert a blank writable DVD.

17.Touch the “Burn disc” option on the camcorder’s display screen.

18. Touch “Select scenes” or “Select date” to choose the video you want to transfer. You will then be able to select one or multiple videos to burn to the DVD.

19. Touch “Start” to begin burning the DVD.

20. Eject the DVD when your camcorder display informs you that the burn process is complete.