Transfer Photos From Iphoto 6 To An External Hd

Copy pictures from iPhoto 6 on your Mac to an external hard drive.

Mac computers come with a variety of programs already installed, including iPhoto for managing your photos. The latest release, as of March 2011, is iPhoto ’11, but if you have version 6, you can still use it to import pictures from a digital camera or a cell phone onto your Mac’s hard drive, and then sort them into albums, view them as a slide show or send them in an email. If you want to back up your photos, you can easily transfer them from iPhoto 6 to an external hard drive.


1. Click on the iPhoto icon in the dock, located at the bottom of the Mac, to launch the application.

2. Click on a photo album in the left pane of the iPhoto window if you want to transfer specific photos. Click on “Photos” if you want to transfer all photos in your iPhoto 6 library.

3. Click “File,” then click “Export.” The “Export Photos” dialog box appears. Click the “File Export” tab.

4. Click on the “Kind” pull-down menu and select “Original” to transfer the files as exact copies to your external hard drive. Otherwise, select an option such as “JPEG” or “TIFF,” and use the other settings to adjust the image quality. Click “Export.” Another dialog box opens, prompting you to choose a location to transfer the photos to.

5. Click on the external hard drive under the “Devices” section. Click “New Folder” if you want to create a new folder on the external hard drive, and then give it a name. Otherwise, the photos transfer directly into the hard drive as individual files.

6. Click “OK.”