Transfer Pictures To A Dvd

Transfer Pictures to a DVD

When you have images you want to share with other people, or save for your own purposes, there are several ways in which you can do this. One way to keep your pictures in one place is to burn the images onto a DVD. Burning pictures onto a DVD lets you transport your pictures to other computers or send the disc to other people for safekeeping. Making a DVD of your photos is fairly simple and straightforward.



1. Upload the pictures you wish to burn onto your computer. To upload them, either connect your camera with the USB cord that came with it, or insert your camera’s memory card into your computer‘s memory card slot or a memory card reader. Copy the pictures you wish to burn and place them wherever you would like, such as your picture folder or the desktop.

2. Place a blank writable DVD into your computer’s disc tray. Open your image burning software. You may already have software on your computer because many Windows operating systems come with Windows Media Center. If not, you will need to purchase an independent program such as VSO CopyToDVD.

3. Select your files to be added to the DVD. Some programs allow you to add the folder all at once. After selecting your pictures, click the button in your program that will let you burn them onto a DVD. For example, with Windows Media Center, you would click Create DVD. Let the disc burn, then remove it from the disc drive. You may wish to reinsert the disc to make sure the files burned onto it properly.


4. Upload your photos onto your computer if they aren’t uploaded already. You can do this by connecting the camera with its USB cord or a memory card slot or reader. Copy your pictures into your picture folder or whatever location you save your pictures.

5. Open Finder. Put a blank writable DVD into your computer’s disc tray. Open iPhoto and select the folder that has your pictures. Click File, then select Export and choose the File Export tab. You will need to select a format from the next menu. Files saved as .jpg are typically smaller than other picture extensions, however, they may not be as clear as .png pictures. Once you decide which you’d like, click Export. Select the folder created with Finder from inserting your CD and click OK. Quit iPhoto.

6. Open the folder you created with Finder, then click Burn. Remove the disc from the drive once it’s done.