Transport A Harley In A Pickup

Transporting your Harley may be necessary for many reasons. For example, if you are moving to a new location, it may be more efficient for you to put the Harley in your truck and move it that way rather than drive your truck and ride your Harley. Or if you are going on vacation somewhere and need your truck and your bike to be with you, then transporting it in the truck is necessary.


1. Place the motorcycle ramp onto the truck bed. It will attach between the tailgate and the truck bed with hooks. Make sure it is secure before attempting to use the ramp.

2. Get on the bike and turn it on.

3. Place the bike in first gear and ride up the ramp at a low speed but fast enough to be able to climb up the ramp.

4. Apply the brakes immediately as soon as you get the bike in the truck bed to avoid crashing into the cab.

5. Attach tie-down straps from the handlebars of the Harley to the notches cut out in the truck bed. Also attach tie-down straps from the rear wheel to the truck bed for extra tension and security.

6. Place the ramp in the truck bed.