Transport A Motorcycle In A Truck Bed

Transport a Motorcycle in a Truck Bed

You can ride a motorcycle just about anywhere, but sometimes you need to get it somewhere without riding it. For those occasions, you can transport your motorcycle in the bed of your pickup and take it wherever you need it to go, once it’s properly secured. Transporting your motorcycle in the back of a pickup isn’t something to take lightly, as the motorcycle and the truck could get severely damaged if the process isn’t done correctly.


1. Drop the pickup’s tailgate and place the end of the 8-foot ramp on the end of the tailgate. Have your assistant hold one side of the motorcycle while you hold the other. Push the motorcycle up the ramp. You might have to get a running start up the ramp in order to make it all the way up.

2. Have your assistant hold the motorcycle in place, centered at the rear of the bed, while you secure the motorcycle to the truck. You’ll need two tie-downs for this step. Wrap a tie-down strap around one post of the front fork of the motorcycle, and hook the strap end to the tie-down cleat in the pickup bed or to the bedrail stake pocket. Then connect the other end of the strap to the same tie-down cleat on the bed or the same bedrail stake pocket. This will secure the fork without damaging the fork. (Letting the tie-down strap hardware contact the fork might damage the fork.) Tighten the strap by ratcheting the tightening hardware, but leave the strap fairly loose. Repeat this process for the other post of the front fork, wrapping the strap around the other fork and securing the strap ends to the opposite tie-down cleat or bedrail stake pocket.

3. Prepare two more tie-down straps for the rear of the motorcycle. Wrap a tie-down strap around the rear frame of the motorcycle and work it to a tie-down cleat or bedrail stake pocket. Once again, put mild tension on the strap, then repeat the process for the other side of the frame.

4. Tighten all of the tie-down straps, ratcheting them down as firmly as possible. This will pull the straps against each other and keep the motorcycle upright while securing it to the truck itself. This is the key to transporting the motorcycle–making the motorcycle and the truck one unit. Make sure all of the straps are as tight as possible before driving the truck.

5. Drive the truck at a slow speed around the block with your assistant in the bed, making sure the motorcycle stays solidly in the bed. Once you return from your trip around the block, tighten the straps down again for good measure.