Transport A Plasma Tv

Plasma TVs can be transported safely, with some precautions.

Plasma TVs are expensive, heavy and delicate, which can make moving them from place to place extremely nerve wracking. When you need to transport a plasma set from one location to another, proceed carefully and use plenty of padding. If approached properly, the task of transporting your plasma TV can be accomplished safely.


1. Lay down a pair of thick blankets or comforters in front of your plasma screen TV.

2. Unlock the TV’s wall mount or disconnect its stand, then lower the TV and place it screen-side up on top of the blankets.

3. Wrap the blankets around the TV so that they fit snugly. Then secure them with packing tape. You don’t want the TV to shift or wiggle at all while it’s in the blankets.

4. Move the TV into position in the car or moving van. Do not lay it flat but rather stand it up vertically, in the same position you would watch it. Make sure there are no pointy or sharp objects near it and that there is at least a few inches worth of cushion on every side. Ideally, place it near the wall of the van or somewhere it can be secured.

5. If you can place the TV near the wall of the moving van, then secure it to the sides with bungee cords. Make sure there is still play in the bungee cords: you want them to hold the set more or less in place, but not so tight that they crack or damage the screen.

6. Fill the space around the plasma TV with pillows. Don’t pack them too tightly–you want them to have some give–but make sure there’s no empty space. The pillows provide a further cushion against bumps or jolts in the road.

7. Carefully move the TV into its new location and lay it down, screen side up. Cut the packing tape and unfold the blankets, then lift and mount the TV as normal.