Transportation Bedroom Themes For Boys

Transportation Bedroom Themes for Boys

Whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles, little boys love toys that move and support their fantasy for independence and adventure. A bedroom theme that reflects a young boy’s passion for a particular vehicle, be it a race car or rocket ship, creates a space that a boy can relax in and play in happily for years. With the use of colorful murals, novelty furnishings and area rugs, you can transform a plain room into a fantasy environment in just a few days. Does this Spark an idea?


A car-bedroom is a fantasy room many young boys dream of. A road-view wall mural makes a good backdrop for a car-shaped bed, and a novelty road area rug next to the bed completes the driving feel. Whether you want to do a race car or just a generic vehicle, you can find a bed and mural to match. Add some collectible or toy cars around the room on bookshelves, and hot glue some matchbox cars around the frame of a mirror to complete the speedy look.


Trains are a popular theme, especially for younger boys, and merchandisers make it easy to transform a room with a train theme in just a weekend. Use train-motif bedding that represents the train in a realistic fashion for older kids and illustrated trains for tots. Hang red bookshelves from the walls to hold vintage train sets, or if you’re really handy, hang a working train set around the upper border of the room to roll around the little one while he is resting in his room. Train track area rugs are also available for a kid’s room and create a functional space for boys to play with their own train sets.


Bi-planes are a popular choice for a boy’s bedroom theme, as they inspire cheerful dreams and a relaxing environment for a boy to rest and play. Plane murals feature illustrated bi-planes flying above lush green hills and farms and set the tone for a light and bright bedroom décor. Airplane beds are also available, as are airplane motif linens, pillows and lamps.


A spaceship bedroom theme can be one of the most fun environments for a young boy to play and rest in. Beautiful murals are available that mimic the control deck of a space shuttle, a window portal that shows astronauts and planets and simple galaxy images that will amaze and inspire. Rocket ship motif bed linens and comforters are also available, as are rocket ship models and astronaut action figures to place on bookshelves and dressers.