Troubleshoot A Mitsubishi Projection Tv

You can troubleshoot your Mitsubishi projection TV.

Mitsubishi is one of the most popular brands of televisions on the market. Its reputation for reliable, high-quality electronics is evidenced by its longevity and success as an electronics brand. While the electronics market has shifted to plasma and LCD televisions, many homes still have projection TVs. As television repair has become more expensive, it pays to troubleshoot before calling a professional.


1. Reset the component settings. Most problems with Mitsubishi projection televisions can be resolved by resetting the television to factory settings. In the case of color inaccuracies, the TV’s “PerfectColor/PerfectTint” capabilities can be reset by pressing the Menu button and using the right arrow key to highlight “PerfectColor.” Press “Enter,” then “Reset” to restore the factory settings. For issues with the audio or video of an incoming signal (DVD player or VCR), press “Menu” and use the right arrow key to highlight “Reset.” This will restore the original factory settings for all incoming signals.

2. Reset the television controls. If the component settings do not fix the problem, there are two other methods of resetting the television. Press “Menu” and type “1, 2, 3” to bring up the “Reset” menu. By pressing “Enter,” all of the settings of the television will be reset to the original manufacturer’s specifications. If the television will not turn on or off, a full system reset should be performed. On the control panel of the television, press the “System Reset” button. The television will turn off and the green LED light will flash quickly for about a minute. When the light stops flashing, the TV should turn on.

3. Resolve problems with the remote control. First, check that the batteries are functional. If the power button blinks five times after using the remote, the batteries are in need of replacing. Also, check that the remote is being used within 20 feet of the TV and there is no obstruction between the remote and its receiver.

4. Determine why the fan is always running. It is normal for the fan to get louder after the television turns off. The projection television is dependent on a lamp which needs to be cooled so it does not burn out prematurely. The fan will also run if the temperature where the TV is located in the room is too warm.

5. Replace the projection lamp. Ensure that the bulb is completely cooled and the television is unplugged. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the lamp compartment cover. Unscrew the lamp cartridge on the rear of the television. Unlike the cover door, these screws do not actually come out of their chamber and simply loosen the lamp assembly. Remove the old cartridge and insert the new one. Secure the lamp with the screws, then replace the cover and screw in tightly.