Troubleshoot A Radeon Ati Hd 2400

It is possible to correct the graphic card problems you are encountering with your ATI HD 2400.

The ATI Radeon HD 2400 is an internally installed video graphics card, which gives HD capability to your Windows desktop system. With the video card, you are able to watch and play high-definition Blu-ray discs and video games, not to mention allow for an easier time rendering HD graphics and video content. However, if the card is not functioning properly, you need to troubleshoot the situation.


1. Install the provided driver. Without it, the computer is unable to detect the installed Radeon ATI HD 2400. Insert the driver installation CD, then follow the prompts of the installation wizard to install the driver. Restart the computer and the Radeon ATI HD 2400 is ready for use.

2. Look over the cable connection running from the Radeon ATI HD 2400 to the connected, external hardware. The cable must be completely inserted into the connection port. If it isn’t, the video signal is not going to reach the connected television system.

3. Open “Control Panel” from the Start Menu if you are not receiving any audio from a connected HD device. Choose “Hardware and Sound,” then click “Sound,” followed by the “Playback” tab. Check off the device you have connected to the Radeon ATI HD 2400 and click “OK.”

4. Restart the computer. If the Radeon ATI HD 2400 is not being detected at all by the computer system, it may be due to a bad startup. On occasion, a computer does not detect hardware when first booting up. Restarting the system may correct this problem.