Troubleshoot A Sirius Sportster

The Sirius Sportster is an easy-to-install Sirius Satellite Radio device for the car. Paired with a universal docking kit, this unit provides color navigation through your favorite Sirius channels and allows you to save them as presets. If you are having trouble with your Sirius Sportster, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps to try before looking to Sirius technical support.


1. Check to ensure the power cable to the Sirius Sportster is connected properly. If the unit will not power on, it’s likely the cable has become disconnected. If the unit is connected correctly, check the fuse box in your car, as one of the fuses may be blown.

2. Check the antenna connection. The antenna cord should be plugged into the “Antenna” port on your Sirius Sportster dock — if it is disconnected you will be unable to acquire a signal.

3. Move your vehicle away from possible signal obstacles. Sirius Satellite Radio often is not available if you are under an overpass or bridge, or surrounded by trees or buildings.

4. Tune your FM radio to the same frequency as the Sirius Sportster. If the radio is tuned to the incorrect channel, you will be unable to hear anything streaming through the device.