Troubleshoot Buffalo Terastation

The Buffalo TeraStation is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit that you can use to stream video, music and programs through a network. If you are having problems with your TeraStation, there are several things you can do before you return the unit to the manufacturer. Problems with the network connection, power cord and the shared drive can inhibit the TeraStation from working properly. You don’t have to be a network expert to troubleshoot your TeraStation. You can do it yourself with little hassle.


1. Go to the back of the TeraStation and make sure that the power cord is plugged into the power outlet. Turn the power switch to the “On” position.

2. Look over the Ethernet connection to the back of your TeraStation. Make sure that the other end of the Ethernet cable is connected to your router. Check the power cords to your router and cable modem if you have one. If you are plugging your TeraStation directly into your computer, make sure that the Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port of your computer.

3. Press the “Power” button on the front of your TeraStation to turn the unit on. Look over the “Power” and “Link/Act” lights to determine whether the unit is on and if it is connected to the computer.

4. Click the “Start” button and then go to the “Run” option. Type \Terastation_Name and replace the “Name” with the host name that you designated when you set the machine up. Click on the “Share” option from the menu.

5. Click on the “Tools” option and then click the “Map Network Drive.” Click on the drive that you want to map to the shared drive and then type \Terastation_Nameshare. Click the “OK” button to map your drive.