Troubleshoot Smart Siren 2

A Smart Siren 2 can keep your bike secure.

Having a motorcycle can be a fun way to get around town or enjoy a cruise through the country, but it can also be a hard item to keep safe and secure when you are not using it. The Harley Davidson Smart Siren 2 is an alarm device made specifically for motorcycles that you can purchase and have installed on your vehicle. Occasionally, you may have problems with the device, which you can solve by following a few troubleshooting steps.


1. Remove the battery door on the Smart Siren 2 and check the battery and the connections inside if you press the “Arm” button on your remote control and you hear three chirps instead of two. Three chirps indicates that there is a power problem and that the device is either disconnected from the battery or that the battery is dead. If the battery is charged and connected properly, you may have a hardware problem.

2. Check the wiring of the device if you do not hear at least two or three chirps when you press the “Arm” button on the remote. If you do not hear a chirp, this means the alarm is not armed and may be wired improperly. This may also be the case if the alarm is armed but does not go off when the vehicle is touched. If the wiring matches that in the owner’s manual, the device may have shorted out or have a hardware problem.

3. Pay attention to the turn signals on your motorcycle while using the Smart Siren 2. If the turn signals do not flash, this means that the siren may be having power difficulties and be running off the internal battery instead of the vehicle’s battery. If this is the case, check the connection between the siren and the battery of the motorcycle to ensure it is properly installed. If the device continues to use its internal battery, you may have a hardware problem.