Troubleshooting Time Warner Cable Tv

Simple cable problems can be fixed on your own.

Time Warner Cable is a large cable provider in the United States. Most of the time, the Time Warner cable boxes work well, but occasionally the cable boxes will not work properly. In most cases, the problem requires a simple fix that can be done on your own.


Rebooting the Cable Box

1. Turn off your cable box and unplug the power cord to reboot your Time Warner cable box if you are not getting a picture and/or sound on your television.

2. Plug the cable box back in after 30 seconds, but do not turn the cable box back on. The cable box is rebooting. Wait until the LED clock on the cable box reappears with the correct time. This should take about two to four minutes.

3. Press the power button to turn the cable box back on.

Other Troubleshooting Basics

4. Check that both the television and cable box are plugged in and turned on. If they are plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip is also plugged in and turned on.

5. Check that the cable connections are securely plugged in.

6. Check that the television is set to the correct video input. If you are unsure of which input the television should be set to, scroll though each input until you see a picture.