Tune An Hd Tv

Adjust your television to properly display video content.

When first setting up a high-definition television you need to properly tune the set. This allows for the best picture quality the television has to offer. Although most televisions have preset standard, these standards are for showroom purposes, which tend to display bright colors not often used at home. Thankfully, it only takes a few moments to actually adjust and tune the settings on your HDTV.


1. Connect the HDTV to a DVD or blu-ray player, then insert a movie that uses a good deal of dark colors and black. This allows you to properly set the settings on the TV better.

2. Push the “Menu” button on the TV, then choose “Picture.”

3. Navigate through the settings until you come to “Brightness.” Pause the movie during a dark scene where there is a large amount of shadows. Adjust the brightness until you are able to see all the shadow areas without blowing out the light areas of the screen.

4. Choose “Contrast,” and find a scene in your movie with a large amount of white or sky content in the picture. Adjust the contrast settings so the light-colored objects don’t fade into the background or other objects.

5. Pause the movie during a scene with green, blue and red colors, then select “Color” and adjust the setting until all the colors look equal and no one color stands out.