Types Of Harley Bikes

Harley-Davidson USA is perhaps the most famous motorcycle company in the world.

Harley-Davidson owners are a breed apart: Many remain loyal to the brand for life, and few ever find the joy that compares to an open road, a Harley and a full tank of gas. For 2011, three new models were unveiled, each exemplifying a distinct type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sportster XR1200X

This race-inspired cycle, called “street-smart” and “menacing” by the Harley-Davidson website, was designed to be particularly agile. With a sleek design, the XR1200X features a 1200cc Evolution engine designed for maximum efficiency and speed. Other features include self-canceling turn signals, a hands-free starter fob, a wide low-rise handlebar and dual-disk front brakes. Pricing starts at around $11,800 in 2011.

Superlow XL883L

Styled after the classic Harley, the 2011 Superlow features steel parts, plenty of chrome and that deep rumble that helped make Harley-Davidson famous. Equipped with the air-cooled and durable 833cc Evolution engine, this engine is catered more to reliability than speed. Other specs include an 18-inch front wheel particularly good for low-speed handling and a seat designed to still be comfortable after miles of riding. Capable of attaining 60 highway miles per gallon, the Superlow may be an appealing choice for the environmentally conscious Harley driver … or at least for the Harley driver looking to save some cash on fuel. It costs around $8,000 in 2010.

Road-Glide Ultra

Starting around $22,500, the Road-Glide Ultra is a motorcycle catered to the Harley connoisseur looking to travel long distances. It features spacious saddlebags and room for two. The Road-Glide Ultra features a 6-gallon tank (larger than most Harleys) and 54 miles-per-gallon efficiency, allowing riders to make fewer pit stops. Anti-lock brakes, cruise control and a Twin Cam 103 engine are just a few of this bike’s specs. Another key feature of this bike is its Harman Kardon audio system, which features four (very loud) speakers, CD / MP3 capabilities and even an intercom and CB radio.