Unique Harley Davidson Baby Gifts

Harley Davidson has become one of the largest brands and companies in the world due to its distinctive style and gear. Fans include those who ride and those who haven’t even ever sat on the back of a bike. Give the new Harley Davidson parents something they will love with a Harley Davidson-themed baby gift. Just because he’s a baby doesn’t mean he can’t start wearing the Harley gear and sporting the Harley lifestyle. There are tons of unique gifts that will be sure to make the Harley fans you know smile. Does this Spark an idea?

Fleece Receiving Blanket

Babies need lots of blankets to keep them warm and bundled up. A fleece receiving blanket with the Harley Davidson logo is perfect. Personalize it by embroidering the baby’s name below or above the logo. Fleece blankets are great because they keep the baby warm and are soft on the infant’s sensitive skin so it won’t irritate them. Blankets are also one of the key items every parent needs to swaddle their infant and they need several as the baby will spit up, drool and dirty the blankets on a daily basis.

Motorcycle Biker Rubber Duckies

Get a set of rubber duckies dressed in biker gear. These are sold on Amazon.com as well as other retailers. The rubber duckie has been a staple of bath time play and these are just a spin on the classic to cater to the taste of Harley Davidson fans. They are also a good long-term gift and can be used by your Harley baby for several years (up to elementary school age).

Toy Caddy

Get an orange and black toy caddy or toy chest. There are Harley Davidson toy caddies and chests available or you can custom paint one yourself. Paint the child’s name on it to personalize it. This is a good place for them to store all those motorcycle toys. If the parents are doing a Harley or motorcycle-themed nursery this will fit in perfectly. Even if they aren’t, it is still a fun, decorative and functional furniture item they will be able to get a lot of use out of.

Diaper Bag

Get the mommy-to-be a fashionable diaper bag with the Harley Davidson logo on it. She may be a mommy now but she can still have a sense of style and adventure. Black is the best choice as it is unisex and fits with the Harley Davidson theme. Diaper bags are essential and a mom may even have a couple as bottle spills, baby drool and day-to-day dirt can wear the bag down quickly. This is always a great gift as she will likely need more than one diaper bag so you don’t have to worry about her already having one.


Harley Davidson monogrammed and logo onesies, doo rags, and booties are all fun choices for the biker baby. The little doo rags will cover the baby’s head and make them look like a true biker baby. Babies need lots of clothes as they dirty several outfits a day and grow quite quickly. For true Harley fans they will just adore seeing their little one in Harley duds and enjoy taking pictures on daily basis to put in a scrapbook later on.