Unique Motorcycle Fundraising Ideas

Restoring an old motorcycle and auctioning it off for a fundraising event is a great way to raise money for the less fortunate.

With so many motorcycle clubs throughout the country, ranging in size from small and inclusive to extremely large, nonprofit organizations, there are many different ways to organize fundraising events utilizing their contact base. Despite their bad reputation within American society, not all motorcycle clubs are gang-affiliated, and many appreciate the opportunity to help out when they can.

Used Motorcycles

Ask for donations of used, broken down motorcycles within your city and surrounding areas. A group of mechanics can volunteer their time to work on motorcycles until they are restored and running. Organize a fundraising auction where guests bid on the newly-remodeled motorcycles, with proceeds going to a local charity or organization. When promoting this idea, stress the importance of volunteering time, so you do not spend money paying anyone for their services. You can also ask local junkyards to donate any used motorcycle parts or tools. Heavily promote the charity or organization so volunteers realize how their efforts help others.

Motorcycle Rides and Lessons

The owner of a local community center can donate his building for a one-day motorcycle riding class. Volunteers within the community who are experienced motorcyclists, and hold the appropriate state license, can ban together with their motorcycles to raise money for a charity or organization. Guests come to the site, pay a certain amount for a ride around a designated area, or a 30-minute lesson if they are old enough to drive. Make sure each participant fills out a form releasing the drivers and charity from any liability.

Motorcycle Themed Gala

Organize an unique event with all profits going toward a charity or organization. Ask guests to come dressed as a motorcycle dude or babe. Leather chaps, bandannas and vests make good costume ideas. Ask the owner of a reception hall or bar to volunteer his facility by offering him a percentage of the alcohol sales. Enlist a Harley Davidson owner to set up his bike as the showcase centerpiece, and take pictures of the guests “riding” the bike during the party.