Unusual Groomsmen Gifts

There’s more to groomsmen’s gifts than just shot glasses and beer steins. For some creative ideas, try taking a page from some celebrities who have given and received unusual, yet fabulous gifts at their weddings. The most important things to consider are your personality, those of your groomsmen, as well as the theme of your wedding.

Sharing Your Passion

Actor and motorcycle-enthusiast Russel Crowe incorporated his passion for performance bikes into his wedding by arriving with his groomsmen on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The groomsmen kept the bikes as their gifts for standing with Crowe as he married Danielle Spencer.

Even if you can’t afford $50,000 for custom motorcycles, you can still incorporate your own passion as an element of your wedding that your groomsmen can keep. For example, if you’re a Star Wars buff, give your guys each a pair of themed cufflinks, like the Boba Fett cufflinks available in TheClayConnection’s Etsy store. Depending on how many groomsmen will be attending, order enough pairs, or find cufflinks representing different characters to suit each groomsman‘s personality.

Gifts that Grow

When Alasdhair Willis married Stella McCartney, they asked their guests to contribute trees to the forest they wanted to establish at their home. Even if your groomsmen are not growing forests, give them each a tree or other bit of flora they can plant at their home to remind them of how they shared in your special day. For apartment dwellers, consider a potted plant.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to give an actual tree to each groomsmen, there are non-profit organizations that allow you to have a tree planted in one of the endangered rainforests. Make a donation in your groomsmen’s names and present them with the certificate, telling them that you showed your appreciation for their kindness in standing up with you at your wedding by paying it forward and doing something kind to the planet.

A Real Treat

Victoria and David Beckham gave and received vouchers for their favorite places to shop. Treat your groomsmen to a shopping spree at their favorite stores. Get each groomsman a gift certificate to his favorite place, or to a specialty store that carries equipment or accessories for his favorite hobby. For the groomsman who isn’t materialistic at all, give him a voucher for a service he’ll appreciate, a dinner out, or to participate in an activity from his personal bucket list.