Update Asus Bios


Since its founding in 1989, ASUS has earned a reputation for producing top-quality motherboards and other components. By some estimates, as many as 1/3 of desktop computers sold today are based on an ASUS motherboard. They’re built to perform. But even well-made gear can use some tweaking if and when compatibility problems arise. A BIOS update might be all a user needs resolve them. Though it’s not without hazards, the process is fairly easy.


Update Using AFUDOS.EXE

1. Insert bootable floppy disk or USB drive.

2. Copy the updated BIOS file to floppy disk or USB drive.

(Note: BIOS file and boot files should fit on a floppy disk. If the BIOS file is too large to fit with boot files, consider using the EZ Flash method described below.)

3. Insert the motherboard support CD into optical drive.

4. Copy AFUDOS.EXE from CD to a floppy disk or USB drive.

5. Reboot.

6. When the DOS prompt appears, type the following: afudos /i[name of BIOS file]For example, “p4c800b.rom” might be the name of the new BIOS file. “afudos

/ip4c800b.rom” is the command that will install it.

7. Wait. Your monitor will display the update’s progress with a series of messages: “Reading file,” then “Erasing flash,” then “Writing flash.” The “writing flash” message will be followed with a percentage counter that tells you how far the write has proceeded. The final message will be

“Verifying flash.” DO NOT switch off or reboot at any point in this process or you will ruin your motherboard.

8. After the update is complete, the utility will return to the DOS prompt. Remove your floppy disk and reboot.

9. Enter the BIOS Menu and load “Setup Default.”

10. Save and reboot. You’re finished.

Update Using EZ Flash ASUS EZ Flash 2 > YES)

13. Wait for your system to check current BIOS information.

14. Insert your floppy or USB with the new BIOS file.

15. Select the drive letter with the BIOS update file, then select the file.

16. Wait for your system to check the update file.

17.After the file check is finished, click “Yes” to update your BIOS.

18. Wait. Let the update procedure run until it finishes. Do not switch off or reboot or you will ruin your motherboard.

19. When the update is finished, remove the floppy or USB drive and reboot.

20. Enter the BIOS Menu and load “Setup Default.”

21. Reboot. You’re finished.

Update Through the Internet

22. If it isn’t installed already, install the ASUS Update utility. You can either download it or use the copy on your motherboard’s support CD.

23. Close all Windows applications if any are running.

24. Launch the ASUS Update utility from the Windows desktop by clicking “Start>Programs>ASUS>ASUSUpdate>ASUSUpdate.” The “ASUS Update” main window will then appear.

25. Select “Update BIOS” from the “Internet option” drop-down menu. Click “Next.”


Select the ASUS FTP site nearest you, or choose “Auto Select.” Click “Next.”


From the FTP site, select the BIOS version that you wish to download. Click “Next.”


Start the update. Wait for it to complete.