Update Radeon Graphics Drivers

Radeon is a popular family of graphics cards produced by Advanced Micro Devices. Graphics cards require software called drivers to work properly with a computer’s operating system. Updating graphics card drivers can add new functionality and increase performance, especially for new products and applications that may not have been released when older drivers were produced. Driver updates for Radeon graphics cards can be downloaded and installed from AMD’s official driver support page.


1. Click “Start,” “Run.” Type “dxdiag” in the text field. Press the enter key, and then click on the “Display” tab. Note the name of your Radeon card. For Windows Vista and 7, you can type “dxdiag” into the search field and press the enter key.

2. Go to AMD’s driver support page. (See resource link 1 at the bottom of this page.)

3. Select your operating system from the first list, then select “Radeon” in the second list. Select your specific Radeon card (the card name you found in step 1) in the third list, and then click the “Go!” button.

4. Scroll down the next page and click “Download” next to any driver listed. It is usually best to download and install the most recent driver update available.

5. Run the downloaded driver installation file when the download is complete and follow the instructions of the driver setup wizard to complete installation. You may have to agree to a license agreement and click “Next” several times. Restart your computer after installation is complete. (You will likely be prompted to restart by the installer.)