Upgrade A Dish Network Dvr To An Hddvr

When upgrading to HD-DVR you will not have to do anything with your outdoor dish.

If you get a high-definition television set, you need to upgrade your Dish Network receiver in order to be able to view the programming in high-definition. Upgrading your DVR to HD-DVR is as simple as contacting your Dish Network service provider and requesting the service. They will schedule a time with you to bring out a new receiver and set up your new service.


1. Contact Dish Network at 1-800-823-4929, or visit a local retailer.

2. Inform them that you wish to upgrade your DVR to an HD-DVR.

3. Give the representative your account number. This will be located on your Dish Network bill.

4. Upgrade your programming to include HD service. This may include having to sign a new contractual agreement and a change in the monthly price in your service. Ensure you have all of the details before you sign a new agreement.

5. Schedule an appointment. An installer will come to your home to remove the old DVR and install the new HD-DVR. This also will cost a service fee. Speak with your Dish Network representative to find out what that will be before you schedule. The installer will connect your new receiver with your television and give you a new remote.