Upgrade A Tivo Hd Hard Drive

The TiVo HD digital video recorder allows you to record cable and network programs, even when they are broadcast in high definition. One of the major drawbacks to recording programs in HD is that they take up a large amount of hard drive space. The factory drive in your TiVo HD will only allow you to record 20 hours of high definition content. If you find yourself running out of hard drive space, the solution is to upgrade your TiVo’s hard drive with a higher capacity drive.


1. Purchase a pre-formatted TiVo replacement drive. The TiVo HD uses a proprietary operating system stored on the factory drive. You have to replace your old drive with one that has the operating system pre-loaded. Refer to the Resources section for links to online retailers selling pre-formatted TiVo drives.

2. Unplug your TiVo from the wall outlet. Disconnect the power cord and cables from the back of the device. Set your TiVo on a table with the rear panel facing you.

3. Use your Torx T10 screwdriver to remove the six screws along the back panel of your TiVo.

4. Slide the top cover of the TiVo toward you. Once the tabs on the top cover come free, lift the cover up and set it aside. Turn the TiVo around so the front panel is facing you.

5. Locate the hard drive in the front-left corner of the TiVo. The drive will be held in place by four screws and there will be a drive cable connected to the back of the drive. There will also be two black tuner cables clipped to the side of the drive, but not actually connected to the drive.

6. Unplug the drive cable from the back of the hard drive. Move the cable out of the way. Unclip the tuner cables from the side of the drive.

7. Use your Torx T10 screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the hard drive in place. The drive is attached to a metal bracket. When you’ve removed the screws, lift the drive and bracket up and out of the TiVo.

8. Turn the drive over and use your Torx T15 screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the drive to the bracket. Remove the old hard drive from the bracket.

9. Place your new pre-formatted drive in the bracket and replace the four screws. Put the drive and bracket back into your TiVo and replace the four screws. Reconnect the cables to your new drive. Replace the top cover on your TiVo and replace the screws.

10. Reconnect the cables to the back of your TiVo. Plug the unit into a working electrical outlet and wait for it to boot. Once your TiVo has booted, it will recognize your new drive and its increased capacity.