Upgrade An Ati Radeon Hd 3200

Upgrading your laptop will increase its useful lifespan.

Games are not the only type of software that take advantage of hardware accelerated graphics. Upgrading your video card is a sure-fire way of improving your laptop’s performance across the board. Unfortunately, video cards like the ATI Radeon HD 3200 are built into laptops and cannot be swapped out for faster cards. However, there is a way of upgrading the performance of such cards. This involves increasing the shared memory of the graphics card by swapping out the stock RAM chip for a higher capacity chip.


1. Disconnect the power cord and unplug your laptop‘s battery. Laptop batteries have small latches that slide over, allowing the battery to slide free.

2. Close the laptop and place it face down so that the underside is facing up.

3. Unscrew the back panel.

4. Unlatch the old RAM chip and remove it from the laptop.

5. Place the new RAM chip in the RAM socket. By pressing down on the chip firmly, the latches should click into place.

6. Screw the back panel onto the laptop.

7. Reconnect the battery and restart your laptop. The performance gain will be apparent once the OS has loaded.