Upgrade Older Model Hd Receivers For Free

Update an HD receiver with a flash drive.

All electronics age and newer, better products come out every few months. This holds true for the HD receiver you use to obtain satellite or cable programming. If you are looking to upgrade the receiver, you have two options. You can switch out the entire receiver for a new one through your service provider, or upgrade the firmware in the current receiver.


1. Contact your service provider and ask for the upgraded HD receiver. If you have had your package for a few years, a new model with upgrades will likely be available.

2. You can obtain a new receiver from a nearby service center, or you can arrange for a service technician to stop by and drop one off. If you pick up the updated receiver yourself, it is easy to switch it out with your old device. Unplug the connections from your old receiver, and plug them into the similar ports on the new one.

3. The service provider may decide to simply update your old receiver’s firmware. New firmware updates the operating system on the receiver and can often allow it to function just like a newer device. After you place the service order, the service provider will mail you a USB flash drive with the firmware update on it. You should receive it a few days after making the update request.

4. When the USB flash drive arrives, power down the HD receiver and insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the back of the receiver. Turn on the HD receiver and it will automatically detect the connected device. Allow it to run through its update procedures, then remove the USB device once you are told you can do so.