Upgrade The Hard Drive On An Xbox 360

Fortunately for anxious Xbox 360 owners looking for an important and necessary hard drive upgrade, upgrading the Xbox 360’s drive from the standard 20GB to the 120GB hard drive unit requires only one cable, a couple of plug-ins, and a few minutes of your time. Data transfer from the 20GB to the 120GB is possible through an included data transfer kit, and you can transfer most or all of your data to the new hard drive.


1. Purchase a new Xbox 360 hard drive (see Additional Resources). This 120GB hard drive will serve as an upgraded version to your current 20GB hard drive .

2. Power off your Xbox console that currently has the 20GB hard drive installed. Have your 120GB hard drive separate, unpacked and at the ready. Remove all accessories from your Xbox 360 console and turn it on.

3. Take one end of the data transfer cable (included in the data transfer kit, which comes standard with your 120GB hard drive) and plug it into the 120GB hard drive. Then, take the other end of the transfer cable and plug it into the USB port on the back of your Xbox 360 console that currently has the 20GB hard drive plugged into it.

4. Take the Hard Drive Transfer Disc and put it into the disc tray on the Xbox 360 console. Load the disc. This Hard Drive Transfer Disc comes standard with each Xbox 360 120GB hard drive and is not sold separately.

5. Wait for the transfer to complete. The data transfer cable will transfer the content from your 20GB hard drive to your new 120GB hard drive. This process will take a few minutes, and time varies slightly depending on how much information is stored on your 20GB hard drive. Most or all of this information will be transferred, depending on the type of data has been saved. Also, the free preloaded goodies and demo that come stored on the 120GB hard drive will remain after the data transfer.

6. Complete the hard drive upgrade. After the data transfer is completed, disconnect the data transfer kit from the back USB port of the Xbox 360 and from the back of the 120GB hard drive. Power down your Xbox 360 console. Then, remove the 20GB hard drive and plug the new 120GB hard drive in its place. Power the Xbox 360 back on. Your new hard drive is installed.