Upgrade To Directv Hd Dvr

Direct TV HD DVR is top of the line for satellite choices. Direct TV has great offers in HD (High Definition) television programming for a broad variety of digital viewers. In order for you to be able to use a high definition DVR (Digital Video Recorder) receiver, you must have a high definition television. These receivers are used to watch and record any high definition and regular satellite programming. You have got to have one to pick up and record any HD programming. Also, you will need specific cables to connect the two together. To make it easier for you to know an upgrade to Direct TV HD DVR, follow the steps below:


1. Check and make sure your television is compatible for HD programming. There are RGB inputs or MIDI inputs that you would find on the side or back of your television, if it were compatible for high definition TV. If not, go to your local television shop and inquire about a HD compatible one to upgrade to.

2. Locate the right receiver. Check your local Direct TV shops or call them (see Resources for link to DIRECTV website) to find out about buying (or leasing) a HD DVR receiver for your home. There are many to choose from and Direct TV would be best to know what is right for you. Most times they will even install it for free.

3. Put it all together. Once you have the two components listed in Step 1 and Step 2, you will need a RGB cable or MIDI cable to connect them. You can buy them at any electronics store. When you have all three, connect the receiver to the high definition television using the cable. You are now ready to watch HD programming (after upgrading your Direct TV service).

4. Call Direct TV in order to upgrade your account to for high definition and DVR services. You must do this in order to use this type of receiver. It is $5.00 for each service and you must have a Direct TV account in order to upgrade to HD DVR programming.