Upload Hd Images

You can upload images to a website to share them with others.

Uploading HD (High Definition) images to a website allows you to show pictures with ease to family members, friends and others with whom you associate. You can even save your images on various online sites, so that you can share these pictures at a later date. Other Internet properties let you upload an HD image to create an avatar or image that you can display to others whom you see online. Though each website is not the same, the way you upload image files does not vary a great deal from site to site.


1. Go to the Web page of Image Shack. Since you do not need to register to upload your images, you can complete the upload process quickly. Select the “Browse” option to choose the image that you want to upload from your laptop or desktop computer. Select “Upload Now” to save the picture. When you complete the upload process, Image Shack gives you the information that you need to access your images.

2. Register on Photo Bucket. This website allows you to save your images online. In addition, Photo Bucket gives you the ability to create photo albums and make slides. Select “Upload Images and Videos” when you log onto your account to locate the pictures that you need and then upload them online.

3. Sign up for a no-cost account on Flickr. This online image hosting service lets you upload images, title your pictures and share your pictures with other online users. Once you register and log onto your account, you can click “Upload Your First Photos.” Press “Choose Photos and Videos” and pick the images you desire to upload from your laptop or desktop.