Upload Wallpaper To An Lg Dare

Get free wallpaper online designed for your LG Dare.

No one wants to buy wallpaper from his wireless provider. Instead of buying more wallpaper from Verizon Wireless, you can lower your cell phone bill and get wallpaper for your LG Dare free online. All it takes is your picture messaging to receive your wallpaper. There are many categories and designs of wallpapers to choose from for your LG Dare cell phone.


1. See Resources for the link to the website to get your LG Dare wallpaper. Scroll down the page to see the categories of wallpapers offered. Click on your desired style of wallpaper once you are done browsing.

2. Choose and click on the desired colored icon tab for your applications on your LG Dare. If you do not want any icons, choose the option “Click Here For No Icons” above the wallpaper.

3. Choose and click on the color you want your top bar to be on your wallpaper. If you do not want a top bar, choose the option “Click Here For No Top Bar” above the wallpaper.

4. Right-click the image of the wallpaper on the page, click “Save As” and save the wallpaper to your computer. Go to your email account and compose an email to yourphonenumber@vzwpix.com, making sure to include your area code.

5. Attach the wallpaper you’ve saved on your computer to the email. Wait until the wallpaper has been uploaded and then click “Send.” You will receive a picture message on your LG Dare in a moment.

6. Open the picture message and click on the options menu in the bottom right of your LG Dare. Select “Save Picture” and click “Save.”

7. Go into “My Pictures” on your LG Dare and select your wallpaper you’ve just saved. Click the options menu in the bottom right corner and select “Save As” then “Wallpaper.”