Upload Zune Wallpaper In Zune

The default Zune background is drab — nothing personal or exciting about it. To change your Zune background you will first have to load the image onto your Zune MP3 player, and then select it as your background. Zune offers hundreds of different styles of wallpaper on their websites, all for free. You can download several different backgrounds to store on your Zune, though you can only display one at a time.

Instructions Pictures” to view the images that the Zune software recognizes as part of your media library. Select the photos that you want to load onto the Zune, and drag them to the “Device” icon in the lower left corner of screen to add them to your Zune. When you’ve added your images, close the program and safely eject your Zune.

4. Navigate to the image that you want to set as your background on the Zune; when you find the right picture, click the center button on the Zune to bring up the options.

5. Select “Apply as Background” to set that image as your Zune background.